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A stretching massage plays a beneficial role in strength training. Massaging a muscle or a group of muscles prior strength exercises for those specific muscles will increase blood flow and improve circulation to relax the muscles. After overexertion and or intense muscular activity, a stretching massage can help remove the accumulated lactic acid and relieve post-exercise soreness and painful muscle cramps.

Benefits of a Stretching Massage

The benefit of our Stretching Massage in Fort Worth, TX are that it can be felt throughout the body and it helps stimulate the digestive organs, reduces inflammation in joints, relieves tension, and improves concentration, improves posture, and energizes the body. What this massage does is it lengthens the muscle fibers that have contracted from lack of use or excessive use, restores flexibility to the muscles after injury, restores muscle balance, warms the muscles, and increases overall flexibility.

Relax and Release

The passive soft tissue release is used to stretch muscles, their surrounding fascia, and the tendons that attach these muscles to bones. What we do is leave the muscle in a relaxed position and place the limbs in order to shorten the muscle. Then we apply pressure near the origin of the muscle, locking the muscle in place, and slowly lengthens the muscle by lowering your leg back down to the table. This is repeated several times, applying pressure progressively down the length of the muscle until reaching its other end. This can be applied to both large and small muscle groups, from the large muscles in your thighs to the small muscles of the fingers, making it an ideal overall body therapy.

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Appointments & Walk-Ins are Welcome!

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Stretching Massage in Fort Worth, TX